Polk County Sheriffs Office- Kindness


A good Polk County citizen was out driving in Poinciana when he noticed two men, Denis and Yaksiel, dumping construction materials on the side of the road near Caspian Road and Winston Way.

The witness took pictures and even confronted the men about their illegal dumping. He told them of a local dump where they could take their refuse, yet they continued unloading materials.

So, our good citizen got in contact with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and provided our Ag-Crimes detectives with photos, descriptions, and even a partial license plate.

With that information, our detectives were able to track down the men at their place of employment in Orlando. Their boss was probably none-too-pleased, and sent the men back out to clean up the mess. The debris was properly disposed.

Both men admitted to deputies that they were paid $250 to LEGALLY dump the debris from a home under construction. Instead, they chose an easy way out…which turned out not to be so easy. They were both charged with felony dumping and arrested.