Polk County Sheriffs Office-


Early one morning, one of our deputies was behind a Mitsubishi Outlander with West Virginia tags, and discovered it was stolen out of the mountain state.

The deputy continued to follow behind the Outlander, and once additional deputies got in position, a traffic stop was conducted.

There were four people involved but only two knew that the Outlander was stolen, Donte and Anastasia. Both of them were arrested for grand theft of a motor vehicle.

It seems that Donte was in the process of moving to Punta Gorda from the state that gave us Don Knotts, Steve Harvey, Chuck Yeager, and Joyce DeWitt. Now it has given us Donte.

We’re not sure why Donte was moving to Florida, but it’s not the first time he’s lived here. He resided in Florida State Prison for about twelve years for three different motor vehicle thefts.