Port Charlotte man charged with trafficking Fentanyl, spits Cocaine in deputies face


Just before 8pm, deputies responded to a call in reference to a homeless camp occupying a wooded vacant lot located in the 19000 block of Veterans Blvd. This property has a blanket trespass and has been known to produce complaints of narcotic activity.


When deputies entered the wooded lot, they noticed several tents and personal property. Exiting one of those tents was Kenneth T. Glenn ( 01/17/1963). Once Glenn made eye contact with deputies, his demeanor shifted. Glenn begun pacing and it became apparent that he was attempting to conceal an object behind his leg. Inside the tent behind Glenn was a smoking pipe. When asked what he was hiding, he took off running.


For more details, visit the CCSO Blog: https://ccsoblog.org/2021/04/23/port-charlotte-man-charged-with-trafficking-fentanyl-spits-cocaine-in-deputys-face/