Presidential Parallels to 1973 – An Impeachment Update


American Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland attempted to link President Trump and other top White House officials to a quid pro quo with Ukraine, involving the withholding of public funds in order to investigate a political opponent.  Sondland’s testimony is the most explosive so far, harking memories back to the summer of ’73 when American television sets were glued to the House Watergate hearings.  The eternal search for “smoking guns” is a hallmark of investigations, and in that impeachment inquiry a staffer, and future Republican presidential candidate, Fred Thompson asked Nixon aide Alexander Butterfield about the existence of a recording system in the Oval Office.  The subsequent search for Nixon’s secret tapes would eventually result in damning evidence of a coverup of corrupt behavior which after a series of startling events would topple the President.

Fast forward to the fall of 2019, where once again a Republican President is under investigation by a House committee dominated by Democrats dedicated to the proposition that President Donald Trump is corrupt and should be removed from office.  Chairman Adam Schiff of California, along with his fellow Democrats, are doing their level best to discredit the President and have him removed from office.   As Schiff sniffs his way through the cast of characters serving the President, especially rogue renegade Rudy Giuliani, he’s working hard to have the witnesses to “Ukrainegate” continue to testify, one after another.   Is America’s Mayor actually a villain or just blindly loyal?  Will the Democrats prevail and have the President removed?    Eventually the truth will come out, and Americans will once again be unafraid to turn on their television sets.  Stay tuned!