Sheriff Rick Ramsay donates bicycle racks to KOTS


Sheriff Rick Ramsay and the Sheriff’s Office donated two bicycle racks to the Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter on Thursday.


The area where KOTS residents keep their bicycles was full and congested, creating an access problem as well as an eye sore.


“There was a need as there were way more bicycles than places for residents to safely store and lock them,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “These new racks should keep the area free of clutter as well as give residents more access.”


Elicia Pintabona, the President of Cornerstone Resource Alliance — the group administering KOTS — said the racks were a welcome addition.


“We had so many bicycles not on racks that was an ongoing challenge to clean and organize the area,” she said.


The racks cost approximately $1,200 including shipping and were paid out of the Sheriff’s Office general fund.