Sport Fisherman’s Landing Loses Zoning Fight


Tommy Evans, owner of Sport Fisherman’s Landing was denied his request to reinstate a previous nonconforming use approval that had been granted to the property that he bought in 2016, and revoked in 2019.

Located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Calienta Street and Gulf Coast Drive, the business has been used for commercial fishing, crabbing and shrimping operations, with vessels exceeding 26’, which would usually require a CM-2 designation, hence the non-conforming use exception which was granted to the original owner of the property in 1989.  The property included 4 lots.  It has since been split in half.  Evans owns two of the parcels.  Any decision made by the commission in regard to the non-conforming use would also affect the two properties to the south. Contributed by the Hernando Sun. Learn More…