Thanksgiving in Hernando County


Thousands of Hernando County’s residents travel away from home to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends in other parts of Florida or throughout the United States.  Those who travel north of the state line will discover why Florida has become the home of tens of millions of other states’ expatriates over the course of the last half century, especially in the late fall, winter and early spring climes.  Turkey Day travelers to the Midwest and Great Plains states will be greeted with bone chilling cold, snow showers and icy conditions, if they make it at all.  The northeast is little better with the weekend ushering in their western neighbors’ misery.  Autumn leaves in the great majority of northern states have given way to freezing rain, potholes and other raw reminders of why Florida is America’s third largest state and still growing every day.

If you are one of the thousands of Thanksgiving travelers arriving in Hernando County for the holiday weekend, you will be greeted with low humidity, balmy afternoon days of sunshine and birds chirping in the skies above.  The nights are brisk enough to crack a window or seven to let the cool north winds from Georgia circulate to facilitate sound sleeping in grandmother’s house.  A weak front will pass through our area Thanksgiving Day causing some to peek at the weatherman briefly to see the nation’s airport cancellations OUTSIDE THE STATE OF FLORIDA, then it’s off to the beach or the dozens of public golf courses that populate our fair county.  College and Professional football games will keep Dad, grandpa and Uncle Kevin busy all weekend long.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!