Traffic stop yields cache of credit/debit/gift cards


A 31-year-old Neville, Ohio woman was arrested Wednesday night following a traffic stop in Marathon in which a large amount of credit/debit/gift cards were found in her possession.


Heather Elizabeth Leggett was charged with 10 counts of larceny – taking possession of multiple other persons identification or credit cards without reporting the items to law enforcement and driving with a suspended license.


The passenger in the black Toyota sedan, Justin Lee Perkins, 34, of Florence, Kentucky, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.


Deputy Anthony Wales stopped the sedan at approximately 8:22 p.m. on U.S. 1 after noticing the license plate was not legible. As he approached, Deputy Wales noticed an odor of marijuana and also noted the steering column was heavily damaged. Leggett stated she didn’t have her license and that it was suspended. Deputy Wales saw a small foil-wrapped pipe inside the car.


Deputy William Daniels and Detective Rosary Ponce also responded to the scene.


Perkins took ownership of the pipe. He also stated he had a hypodermic needle in his front pocket. Perkins stated the car belonged to a friend of a friend, neither of whom were present. Attempts to contact the car’s owner were not immediately successful.


Leggett removed a hypodermic needle and a stack of credit/debit/gift cards from her bra. Detective Ponce searched Leggett and found no other contraband.

A search of the car turned up three purses and a bag which contained more credit/debit/gift cards, none of which contained either suspect’s name.


Leggett claimed she found the cards that were in her bra at a gas station, adding that the other cards in the Toyota were already in the sedan when she borrowed the car.


Both Leggett and Perkins were taken to jail. The car was towed.


The incident remains under investigation.