BREAKING NEWS – Trucks Thieves Captured After Serious Incident and Fleeing the Scene


Media Release

From:        Michael Terry
Deputy PIO, 352-797-3608
Re:        Stolen Tow Trucks from Citrus County Recovered in Hernando County
Date:        February 24, 2020

On 02-20-20, Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies were contacted about a case involving stolen tow trucks originating in Citrus County.

The owner of a tow truck company located in Citrus County had hired, Anthony Jackson B/M DOB/09-27-1995, during the first week in February to wash and detail several tow trucks. When Jackson, of Spring Hill, was unable to complete the work in a timely fashion, the owner fired him.

Jackson was instructed to return the tow truck he was currently working on, which Jackson initially refused to do, according to the owner.

Eventually, Jackson agreed to meet the owner on Feb. 20 to return the tow truck.

That same day Jackson was stopped by the Florida Highway Patrol while driving the tow truck in Hernando County. Jackson did not possess the proper license to drive the tow truck. The owner was contacted and he instructed Jackson and the FHP to leave the tow truck parked on Commercial Way in Spring Hill with the keys inside so he could pick it up.

A short time later the tow truck owner arrived at the location, but was unable to get into the tow truck as it was locked.

As the owner was returning to Citrus County he saw Jackson and two other men who were now driving another one of the owner’s tow trucks.

The owner chased the suspects down U.S. 19. The chase ended when the tow truck Jackson was riding in stopped at a red light and proceeded to go into reverse and smash into the vehicle the victim was driving, disabling it.

Jackson and his two acquaintances proceeded to flee the scene in the stolen tow truck.

The owner, believing the suspects might be heading to the tow truck in Hernando County, called a friend to have him disable the vehicle, which he did.

Eventually Jackson and Tyreece Germe B/M DOB/11-09-1996 showed up on Commercial Way in Spring Hill where the initial tow truck was located. Jackson and Germe entered the vehicle and proceeded to remove various tools. However, their attempts to start the vehicle were unsuccessful. Deputies responded to the scene and took Jackson and Germe into custody.

Both suspects denied trying to steal the tow truck located in Hernando County, saying they thought they had permission to take it. Jackson did admitted to stealing the tow truck in Citrus County due to the tow truck owner owing Jackson’s friend, Chris, money. Jackson said they planned to use the tow truck as ransom to get the money owed to Chris.

Authorities have not been able to identify Chris, who Jackson indicated was owed money, and who also participated in stealing the tow truck from Citrus County. Jackson did tell deputies where to locate the stolen tow truck taken from Citrus County. Both tow trucks were returned to the owner.

Jackson’s charges are as follows:
– Grand Theft-Auto
– Burglary of Conveyance
Bond: $4,000.

Germe’s charges are as follows:
– Grand Theft Auto
Bond:   $2,000.