Two men arrested for damaging vehicles


Two Miami-Dade County men who were cut off by bartenders at an Islamorada bar were arrested early Thursday morning for damaging vehicles in the parking lot as they left.


Scott Alden Dishington, 23, and Daniel De Cubas Mira, 25, were charged with criminal mischief causing property damage and possession of marijuana.


Deputy Anfernee Rodriguez was called to Woody’s at approximately 1:36 a.m. He spoke to the manager who stated two males had been cut off from drinking. The males damaged vehicles in the parking lot before leaving the scene in a black Toyota pickup truck. Security footage showed two men kicking a Cadillac sport utility vehicle and Ford Ranger pickup truck. There was about $2,000 damage done to the Cadillac SUV and $320 damage done to the Ford Ranger. An employee stated she would be willing to identify the two suspects.


Deputy Scott Costa radioed that he stopped a black Toyota pickup truck with two suspects. Deputy Rodriguez and the employee identified the two stopped subjects as the suspects from the bar. Deputy Rodriguez noted the men matched the appearance of the men seen in the security footage.


A search of the truck turned up a large clear baggie containing 12.7 ounces of marijuana.


Both Dishington and Cubas Mira were taken to jail.