UPDATE: Child found dead inside home

Detectives with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office are working to piece together the events that led up to a 10-year-old’s death.
On Monday, October 12, 2020, at 4:35 p.m., a 911 call was placed in reference to a shooting that had left a child unresponsive inside a home on the 400 block of Dreisler Street in Tampa. Upon arrival, deputies and paramedics attempted to perform life saving measures on the victim, but were unsuccessful, and the child was pronounced dead at the scene.
Detectives are interviewing family members who were inside the residence at the time of the incident and all are cooperating with the investigation at this time. Physical evidence is also being processed and, in conjunction with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), the State Attorney’s Office, and the Medical Examiner’s Office, detectives are working to determine the cause of death.
“This morning, there was a 10-year-old boy who woke up and had breakfast, did his school work, and played. Now that child is no longer with us, and as a father, that is a heartbreaking reality,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “As we continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding this tragic death, I urge everyone who owns a firearm to go right now and make sure it is secured and unaccessible to any children in your home.”
Earlier this year, Sheriff Chronister created a PSA reminding parents and guardians about the importance of practicing firearm safety. The video can be viewed by clicking the link below.