URGENT – Coronavirus / Covid-19 Daily Live Updates


Nothing Has Impacted Your Health Or Life As Much As The Coronavirus…

And now, you can get real case numbers live at anytime.   You can monitor the number of cases and sadly, the number of fatalities around the world, in the United States and in Florida. You need to know so, stay in touch.

Please stay sheltered and take social distancing seriously.  If you have to leave your home, WEAR A MASK, WASH YOUR HANDS MORE THAN OFTEN, USE HAN lol D SANITIZER AND WEAR RUBBER DISPOSABLE GLOVES.  Take great care of yourself, your family, your friends AND others.


There is no doubt that a vaccine will be developed.  But, how soon it will be available seems to be a guessing game.  The answer to that question varies.   But, one thing is for sure!   It won’t be soon enough to save thousands and thousands of lives.

Please be patient and follow the rules.  Your’s and other’s lives depend on it.

To monitor the number of cases and fatalities around the globe and closer to home, simply click on the link below:


The Trender News Report family wishes you well… Stay Safe! Be Responsible…