VIDEO: Body-worn camera of deputy-involved shooting


The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the body-worn camera video of a deputy-involved shooting that took place Tuesday night, December 8, 2020, in Riverview
Dylan Scott was fatally shot when he repeatedly ignored commands to show his hands after telling deputies he had a firearm on his waistband, which you can hear him say at 2:48into the body-camera video. Scott motioned for a gun just before deputies fired gunshots.
“The body-worn camera video shows the more than three minutes our deputies begged and pleaded with Dylan Scott as they tried to de-escalate the situation last night,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “In any given situation, I never want it to end with someone losing their life. Our deputies did all they could to try to end last night’s events peacefully, and for the sake of transparency, I believe this video shows that effort.”
An officer safety alert in reference to Scott was issued to Tampa Bay area law enforcement on July 29, 2020. That alert has been provided below. Scott’s mother called HCSO when he left a note at her home claiming he wanted to die via suicide by cop.
FDLE has confirmed that no firearm was located in Scott’s vehicle at the time of the shooting.
The original press release following the shooting is also provided below. Any further questions should be directed to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) who is investigating the incident in accordance with our newly created policy.