Who Will Stop The Rain?

Mark Twain once famously noted that everyone complains about the rain, but nobody does anything about it.  Well, long time Hernando County resident Jane Kent Williams of Royal Highlands is trying to change all that.
  The county has received a near record amount of rainfall this year, with over a foot falling this month alone.  Mrs. Williams said she has had enough.
  “My late grandmother Gianco came here from Venice where she once did an Italian Rain Dance to stop the rain from falling and flooding the streets in the old country.  It’s a cross between an Irish jig and a Polka.  Very powerful forces at work here.”
   Mrs. Williams began dancing Thursday afternoon after her husband Henry got their car stuck in high water on Indian Trail Road near their home.
   The rain hasn’t stopped as of press time, but the effort so exhausted Mrs. Williams that she was admitted to Oak Hill Hospital yesterday for observation.
P.S.  If you are feeling a little soggy from all the rain, Who Will Stop The Rain was posted simply to put a smile on face.