Woman arrested for reckless driving


A 32-year-old Portland, Oregon woman was arrested Friday evening after driving a Jeep on its rim and swerving into traffic on the Seven Mile Bridge.


Krystal Lynn Berglund was charged with DUI, reckless driving and battery.


Deputy Corbin Hradecky got behind a black northbound Jeep on the Seven Mile Bridge at approximately 5:20 p.m. after receiving a be-on-the-lookout alert for a reckless vehicle. Deputy Hradecky saw that the driver’s side rear tire was gone and the Jeep was being driven on the rim, which was disintegrating and throwing vehicle debris onto U.S. 1. The Jeep was also pulling a large black box behind it.


Deputy Hradecky attempted a traffic stop, but the Jeep continued northbound, sometimes swerving into oncoming traffic. Multiple vehicles had to take evasive action to avoid a collision. Deputy Hradecky used his in-car loud public address system to order the driver of the Jeep to stop. The Jeep continued northbound until it exited the bridge whereupon it stopped near the welcome to Marathon sign. Deputy Hradecky noticed the Jeep was traveling with only the remnants of the rear rim and appeared to be traveling with its brake rotor making contact with the pavement.


Deputy Hradecky identified the driver as Berglund, who smelled of alcohol. Berglund stated her boyfriend had been in the Jeep, but they had an argument in which he struck her and he exited the Jeep. She stated she did not know she was missing a tire. She added she failed to stop, because she didn’t want to stop in the bridge. A man identified as her boyfriend then walked up to the scene from Knights Key Boulevard. The man stated they had an argument, she struck him in the face and left their previous location despite him warning her that the Jeep had a flat tire. Deputy Hradecky noticed a cut on the man’s lip consistent with being struck. Berglund later changed her story and said that she had struck her boyfriend.


Berglund admitted that she was intoxicated and stated she would have continued driving had she not been stopped.


Berglund was taken to jail.